Driveline Leather Weighted Baseballs

Driveline Leather Weighted Baseballs


Throwing a weighted baseball is a great way to integrate overload and underload throwing throughout your pitching training. Whether its in catch play, command work, or pulldowns, a leather weighted baseball set that more closely mimics the feel of a competition ball elevates your training. The 6 different weights allow the athlete to consistently progress their training by throwing light and heavy baseballs.

The set includes the following white leather weighted baseballs:

Lettering and seams are unique by ball for easy identification.

3 oz. Baseball – Light Blue Lettering and Seams
4 oz. Baseball – Dark Blue Lettering and Seams
6 oz. Baseball – Orange Lettering and Seams
7 oz. Baseball – Red Lettering and Seams
9 oz. Baseball – Green Lettering and Seams
11 oz. Baseball – Black Lettering and Seams



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