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Militaria Collection: Strengthening and Enriching Military History

Every individual has different kinds of hobbies. Where someone likes to collect stamps, the other likes to read; someone is fond of writing and the other might be interested in hiking and trekking. These are some usual hobbies most of us acquire. One such hobby, or say passion, that has gained a lot of attention in public in the past few years is the collection of Militaria.

What includes Militaria collection?

Militaria collection is typically focused at gathering historically rich equipment and articles related to military such as weapons, uniforms, medals, helmets,firearms, knives, swords, military orders and decorations, and more. Also referred as military antiquities, this collection holds huge importance and value- provided the articles in the collection are real and authentic.

Those who areobsessedwith this hobby or profession and wish to own a genuine piece of military history generally come up with these four basic queries:

  • What comprises this collection?
  • How to collect the antiques?
  • How to identify if the item is genuine and not fake?
  • Where to collect from?

If you are planning to start your own business of collecting militaria, then here is your perfect guide to do so efficiently.

What comprises a militaria collection?

Depending on your interest, you can understand what you want to collect and showcase. However, majority of the people prefer collecting a piece of everything they come across in the context of military history. Uniforms to helmets, flags to belts, and buckles to medals; you will find all these articles in a passionate collector’s list of collection. They manage to arrange big mannequins to display these collectibles to spectators. Depending on individual choice, some may wish to collectproducts related to single equipment and the other might want to collect an exclusive variety from different countries. Many collectors wish to create their collection by nationality. Some of the most popular countries from which militaria are picked includeGermany, America,Japan, United Kingdom, Russia and France.

Your area of collection highly depends on your own interest and knowledge. If you have always been keen to know and discover more about the wars and theatre of operations, then you must consider gatheringproducts from this particular area. Be it German World War II, Vietnam War, or the British in World War I; collect something that interests you the most as your passion for this hobby (and may be career) will never die. Such factors assistin sustainingyourattention and curiosity in a particular category of collection.



How to collect militaria antiques?

When it comes to how to go about collecting these priceless articles, you need to understand that it primarily depends on where you stay and what collectible you are interested in collecting. One major fact is that if you are looking to collect a rare item, please know that you might be required to shell out good money for that. However, we recommend that beginners should avoid collecting rare products as it will be an expensive affair and difficult to raise money for the same. Remember that there are many captivating things available in the market today that will fit in your requirement and budget easily.

Another aspect that defines the costing of militaria is its popularity. For example,the German helmetsare not toorare; however they hold great popularity in the crowd. This is why the price of such item goes up as the competition for its availability with several dealersis high.This is why you should also try to collect militaria that are not much in competition. Products that would fit this category include British helmets and German Air Force pilot’s caps. This confirms that there is always something uniqueyet reasonable around you to collect. 

Steps to identify if the articles are real or fake:

The perfect way to find out if the item is authentic or not is by gaining good knowledge and experience about it. Most of the old items generally can’t resist from showing ageing and it gets difficult for people to form their replicas. This is where you can easily identify if you have already dealt with original pieces before. For example, if you see a uniform and are told that it is old antique militaria, the best way to judge its authenticity is by analysing it’s stitching and make. An old piece would definitely have some wear and tear in stitching and this is where you can catch the con.

Many fraud agents can make fake medals and awards too. It is your responsibility as a collector to gather as much information about these articles as possible for you as your money and reputation is at stake. Never hesitate from seeking guidance from experts for the same. Put in some money to buy related books and research well on this subject before buying an antique. Nothing can beat your knowledge if you continue researching and studying about your collections.

Where can you find these militaria antique?

Now that you are actually prepared to bring home some of the rarest and most unique militaria, this will be the final question in your mind. Well, the most common sources from which you can collect these articles are militaria merchants, co-collectors, the original holders of these militaria as well as online auctions. It’s always wise to not get carried away by just taking the word of these dealers as they are also trying to run their business and earn profits. Always utilise your knowledge to confirm if the item you are taking from them is original or not. Additionally, you must compare the rates as well as quality of the item with different dealers and stores. If you would be lucky enough, you might end up getting a much superior quality piece at the same price.



How to start your own militaria collection or become a dealer for it:

If you have decided to take your passion for militaria a step ahead and want to start making a collection or turn into a dealer of your already established collection, this is all that you need to keep in mind-

  • Before stepping into this industry, ensure that you have enough knowledge about it. Read several books by renowned and experienced authors on this subject and stay in touch with famous dealers from advices.
  • Get in touch with the best dealers worldwide to collect authentic articles.
  • Create a clean and big space to store your collectibles. Keep your collectuion covered to protect them from dust, rusting and any other wear tear.
  • If you want to turn into a dealer, ensure that you give good publicity to your business via media.
  • Create your professional email address and visiting card for dealing purposes.
  • Ensure to offer a premium-rate telephone number to your clients.

A premium-rate telephone number is the main tunnel of connection between you and your clients. Using this number, they can contact you with their queries and you can surely crack better deals for flourishing your business. This number also gives an impact of that of an international company. It helps the clients in trusting your work and authenticity even more.

Military has given us countless items in the past to store and treasure. If you have an eye for authentic militaria, you must take it seriously. Get your hands on some of the most authentic and classy articles to enrich your priceless collection of militaria.

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